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Full Version: the safety of children's furniture
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The unqualified product discovery rate was 42%. Unqualified list of brand products such as Colorful Nianhua, Oriental Mingzhu and Jack Daniel. Many children's furniture brands represented by colorful life and colorful years have recently exposed unqualified incidents.Decorative WPC pergola
Colorful life PK colorful years, how to ensure the safety of children's furniture? The edge of colorful children's furniture is not in line with international standards since August 2014, "Consumer Report" to the latest results of the inspection of third-party testing institutions with authoritative qualifications,High-worth WPC deep embossed deck
The situation has improved, but it is still not satisfactory. The products submitted for inspection include: Colorful Life, Cool Man, IKEA Lockers and Songbao Kingdom Bedside Tables for edge and cutting-edge testing of structural safety. Among the four inspection brands,Cost-effective WPC pergola