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Full Version: Ethconnect Coin can rise 40 fold or MORE !! - Buy some at the CHEAPEST Price Possible
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Ethconnect is a new opportunity in cryptocurrency market.

Big money could be made here as it could repeat the
success of Bitconnect and Regalcoin.
174,000 People Have Already Joined in a Few Days.
It is a Fair Opportunity for ALL - Everyone can buy the coin
at the CHEAPEST Price in the ICO (Initial Coin Offering) starting at 15:00 UTC on 2 November, 2017
The demand for ECH coin is so big that the owners decided to sell
maximum 1000 coins per person in 4 hours interval.

ETHCONNECT Coin can rise 40 fold or MORE !

Join now and get some coins, so as not to regret later Smile
Get in time to receive 15% Bonus!
Please be careful and don`t invest what you can`t afford to lose.


Lending Profit up to 52%
-Transaction Code: ECH
-Platform: ETHEREUM ERC20
-Max Supply: 31.000.000 ECH
-ICO Supply : 8.000.000 ECH
-ICO starting price: $0.5/ECH
-Target Price After ICO : $20/ECH
-ICO Timing : 2-nov-17 until 30-11-17


Thank you!
During the ICO the price of the coin is going to start at $0.50 and if you
get in time you can get a bonus of 15%. As this opportunity is very hot, it
is likely to sell out in a few days and will not last till the planned ICO
finish on 30th of November.


Thank you!

Register Your Free Account here:

On October 31st 2017 at 15:00  UTC
have Bitcoin or Ethereum ready to buy coins.
The new platform will be decentralized.
Transferring money can be done easily
with a smartphone or PC.
The new platform will pay users
high rates of interest in return for
lending their money.