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Full Version: Instantly add any field to Magento 2 checkout page
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Magento 2 Checkout Custom Field Extension is the excellent tool to gather additional data from customers during checkout by including extra field in the Shipping and Billing information.

1. Add any custom fields to the checkout page in any step
[Image: checkout_custom_field_gif.gif]
Magento 2 Checkout Custom Field extension allows adding any field to any step of the checkout page. The added custom fields will be displayed in the checkout for customers to fill in.

2. Create unlimited checkout fields of different types
Admins can freely create as many custom fields as needed with different input types: radio button, checkbox, date & time, yes/no, text field, and text area.

3. Include additional field values in Order Grid and Order Detail

4. Display custom field information in email and PDF document
[Image: checkout_custom_field_email.png]
5. Easily view and edit order attributes in Manage Checkout Custom Fields Grid
Get Checkout Custom Field extension now to optimize your checkout page!