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Full Version: The best Magento 2 Quick View extension to preview product on catalogue
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Quick View for Magento 2 extension allows customers to view product information right from product list page (category page, search result page). Customers no longer have to load a product page to check details of product and get back to category page. They can add products to cart in Quick View pop-up.
How Magento 2 Quick View Extension benefit you?
1. Quickly preview product information right on category page.
2. Add products to cart via AJAX like Ajax Add to Cart Extension.
3. Perform other actions in Quick View pop-up just like in a real product page: add to compare/wishlist, write review, read additional information.
4. Easily change settings and design of the extension.
5. Include or exclude any components of Quick View preview window.
6. Compatible with configurable, bundle, grouped, simple, downloadable, virtual products.

Quick View – the necessary extension for every Magento 2 site!!!
Free Installation – Free 3-Month Support – Free Update for any purchase from BSSCommerce.