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Full Version: commercialization of high-tech achievements
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implement the general policy of reform and opening up, give full play to the advantages and potentials of China's science and technology, market-oriented and promote the commercialization of high-tech achievements, high-tech commodity industrialization and high-tech Industry internationalization. The support of the National Torch Program is supported by Changzhou City Greensboro Wood Co., Ltd. Torch plan to get the company's social responsibility and unique energy-saving environmental protection products are inseparable.
In the energy-saving and environmental protection for the development of modern society, Greensboro responsibility to social responsibility, after three years of painstaking research, spending millions of R ; D funding, and finally successfully developed the ; Comparison of vinyl fence and wooden fence impregnated paper laminated wood laminate flooring; ( Commonly known as: ultra-wear-resistant multi-storey solid wood flooring), this kind of floor both solid wood flooring and laminate flooring in one, and has super wear-resistant, easy to care and many other fine features, the most important is through high temperature and pressure technology Production of the panel to replace the valuable wood veneer, saving a lot of timber resources,
saving energy, greatly protect our ecological environment! In line with the country's energy-saving environmental protection policy! Grimsby Wood Co., Ltd. to new products ultra-wear-resistant multi-layer solid wood flooring as an opportunity to apply for and access to the national invention patents, through further promotion, has gradually accepted by the market, and immediately attracted domestic and foreign large flooring business concerns ; In order to further regulate such products to ensure product quality and the orderly development of industry, the company in 2007 Annual Report of the National Standard Committee approved, presided over the development of the national standards for such products,
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