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Full Version: FIFA 17 TOTW SBC Affect Market Crash?
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As someone have make some prediction about FIFA 17 Crash, we should consider the affect of the batch SBCs that EA released on Wednesday first. It is no secret that EA have used FIFA 17 Squad Building Challenges as market balancing tools this year, so let’s break down what affect they will have this time around.

There are two possible affects that SBCs of this nature can have:

1. They reduce the buying power of the average FIFA player
This happens because those that choose to do the SBC trade in teams that are almost always worth more than their reward.

2. They decrease the supply of cards on the market
This is particularly true for mid-high rated gold cards and discard IFs.

What you may have already noticed is that these two side affects have opposite affects in terms of setting up the market for a crash. The reduced buying power makes it more likely that the market will crash. This is because if the average FIFA player has less buying power (buying power essentially = fifa 17 coins online), they won’t be able to buy cards during TOTY when their supply increases dramatically and they will be more likely to panic sell.

The decreased supply of mid-tier gold cards on the market will lessen the blow of increased pre-TOTY panic selling, therefore reducing the chance of a pre-TOTY crash. In the same breath, this reduces the chance of a FIFA 17 TOTY market crash.

One important point here is that this only applies to mid-tier golds. EA have yet to release any SBCs that could act as counter-crash measures for the following card sectors; high rated golds, high priced golds, mid-upper tier IFs, and legends. If I had to guess, these counter crash SBCs might be coming on New Years or during TOTY.

Summary: This round of SBCs will dampen the affect of a pre-TOTY panic sell, but I don’t yet think EA have done enough yet to balance out the other sectors of the market. Some sort of crash is still likely.