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Full Version: Season, the home business to enhance the shopping experience
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In addition to the traditional discounts, gifts, in September of this year, many companies to reload the store, open new stores, introduced new ways to give consumers more shopping choices. Home improvement company online marketing combined with the way, more flexibility to launch promotions to consumers more convenient way to shop. Offers with new products, to consumers a better market shopping environment.
Marketplace: "hardware" "software" upgrade at the same time
Near the marketing season, the supermarkets have launched a marketing campaign, in addition, the upgrading of the stadium is also underway. These "transformation" not only enhance the products and services, but also to expand the current furniture, building materials business, to consumers more service content. Cheng home to the square outside the city,french restaurant style dining chairs for example, recently, reload the furniture hall officially unveiled. The museum staff is known as the "tall", not only the layout, the area has been adjusted, and its brand has changed. In addition to consumers familiar with the well-known domestic first-line brand, outside the city-also introduced some high-quality international brands, such as sofa soft bed area introduced from France Cui 佧 mattress, Yi Feng naturalist software experts, well-known distribution brand Kras Home, product partition and more reasonable. Some brand exhibition hall also used VR and other high-end technology, so that consumers experience more fresh real.
Actually home in this respect also action frequently. In the implementation of "big home" under the strategy, this year, actually the family's multiple formats have appeared. In June,best sleeping beds for camping and chair actually Fukang old-age experience center in the surprise home Lizhe store opening, in August, the blue morning coffee shop debut in the House actually headquarters building. According to Wang Linpeng, chairman and president of the House, said, actually home will create a "household consumption ecosphere", from the existing home building materials mall format, to the household consumption ecosphere. To the surprise of the home Lize store, for example, five will also have opened the Italian Design Center, EATALY supermarkets, art galleries, dining plaza, food university, theater, children's training and entertainment centers and other service formats. It is understood that the cinema is expected to be available by the end of this year.
"Software upgrade" is also part of the focus of the transformation of stores. For example, the theme exhibition entitled "Carpentry of the Carpentry of the Carpentry of the World" and "Inheritance and Innovation of the Spirit of the Craftsman in the Home Industry" was held recently. Through the tracing of the artisan spirit in the home industry, Art, wood for boutique, home real pictures and physical display, with multimedia and DIY interactive experience and other means to show the spirit of craftsmen. This exhibition is called "cultural infection" by the chairman of the board of directors, and advocates and practices the artisan spirit by displaying, infecting, leading and leading the consumer, the resident brand and the whole home industry so that individuals, enterprises and industries Have been upgraded to better serve consumers.
Brand: tailored services for consumers
For home brands, the brand's promotional activities, buy, etc. will often be held, consumers will not buy a piece of furniture and must wait for a certain point in time, until the arrival of the season when the consumer's desire to buy might Diminished. So now many home brand promotion season has not concentrated or limited to a certain time node, but in the year presented a normal distribution, while the other hand, home business put the focus shifted to the custom and store renovation. According to statistics, in 2015 the custom closet market capacity of 500 billion yuan, the next few years the growth rate of 20% -25%, into the rapid growth of custom cabinet development than the domestic market,folding beach chair and foldiing table set Mature, industry growth rate of 10% -15%, the market size of about 100 billion.
August 26, as an independent shop with the United States will be completed Qu Mei Qu Sanyinqiao shop store renovation, the Qu Mei's oldest independent shop after the transformation has become a new lifestyle and home custom concept of life style Experience shop, and renamed "you + living museum". In the "you + living museum," in the coffee area for consumers to prepare the ground coffee and pastries, there are many situational experience, the combination of different units, the user habits, a variety of styles so that consumers have a variety of lifestyle templates s Choice.