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Full Version: Maintain the wood is woody floor
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The technology first in the paint on the floor made a major breakthrough in its special nature of the ecological active paint can be sustained long-term release of negative factors, ozone and other active substances, and can absorb neutral or positively charged harmful gases to precipitate , To achieve a full range of purification and increase the role of beneficial air. Followed by the paint on the process has also made a major breakthrough in the use of nature's first nine layers of the world's first penetration of six ecological seal lacquer technology to the active ecological paint and flooring perfectly fused together to maintain the basis of alcohol is wood-based, so that Paint and flooring itself integrated, greatly improving the product's wear resistance and aesthetics, making the wood flooring product features a qualitative leap. First-class brand of power selected countries "National Olympic Sports Center dedicated products", the power of the brand is also indispensable. Product quality is the basis of brand life, the nature of the brand concept began in quality management. Related links: price inexpensive boat decks cheapest place to buy gorilla decking composite overlay for wood decks