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Full Version: Construction of Asphalt Crushed Stone Synchronization Seal Car
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DOAN Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. recently launched intelligent asphalt sprinkler, to "build China asphalt sprinkler machinery brand" goal and a step forward.
China's high-grade pavement construction requirements of the increasingly high asphalt, construction units for high efficiency, environmental protection,highway maintenance machinery reasonable cost-effective asphalt spraying equipment demand. Currently on the market of intelligent asphalt sprinkler, the price of more than 100 million, for most users, are that the price is too high, unbearable, and full-function, the price of the models on the market and buy Not. Hangzhou, the United States-mechanical companies as early as June 2000 to develop a suitable conditions, the price is lower than 40% of the market smart sprinkler,lawn blower with the international advanced level of intelligent asphalt sprinkler, the new intelligent asphalt Sprinkler has been successfully to market.     The intelligent asphalt sprinkler adopts the international advanced technology, high intelligence, suitable for high-grade asphalt pavement construction, for hot asphalt, emulsified asphalt can be widely used.
The car computer-controlled operation, asphalt spraying quantitative accuracy, accuracy of the European standards, a large amount of spray adjustment range. In the actual spraying operation,wheel rollers for cars especially when the amount of asphalt spray less than 0.8 kg per square meter, the better reflect the advantages of its uniform characteristics. The use of the technology to overcome the current market operations on similar models when the small amount of asphalt spray, asphalt spraying uniformity is difficult to control defects.