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Full Version: Mahogany furniture market is facing a major reshuffle
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Since ancient times, people are using solid wood furniture, one because of durability, and second, natural skin-friendly, this is a fine tradition. But now, a lot of quick success in the production of shoddy, so not only did not bring to the people on the use of comfortable and natural, and life is extremely short,high quality garden picnic table resulting in a great waste of natural resources. In fact, the first step in the production of solid wood furniture, is to the moisture content of wood and stability for effective treatment, because the wood processing results are good or bad, a direct impact on the quality of furniture products for thousands of years, The approach taken is to carry out a long natural drying, the drawback is that the cycle is long and not thorough enough.
Today, Chinese solid wood furniture manufacturing has pushed a brand called "Federation" to a new level, they have adopted a "LB-WDS" wood stability treatment system, in a specific closed environment, in the more Short period,outdoor furniture wicker furniture garden leisure chairs the physical properties of wood fiber groups, hydrophilic factors to adjust the scientific and change the size of stomata and rearrangement; through the physical molecular structure changes to achieve the mechanical strength of wood, enhance the physical properties, so that in the
The performance of the most stable state of the grid, which in the source to solve the problem of wood stability.
After the scientific stability of the wood processed furniture products, even in high temperature, very cold, wet, dry and other different space, environment, after many years of use, it will not produce common loosening, swing, skew , Warping, collapse, deformation, then tenon loose or crack surface and other undesirable phenomena,vinyl folding table a good guarantee of the excellent quality of furniture products!China's physical manufacturing industry, is being refined by the spirit of craftsmen quietly forward! Durable environmentally friendly products, will gradually occupy the country's home consumption space, will greatly save the consumption of resources!