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Full Version: Solid wood flooring advantages:
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Durability: solid wood flooring from the whole piece of wood processing, and now the market solid wood floor thickness uniformity of 18mm, so that the thickness to ensure that the wear resistance. Many families of solid wood flooring are passed down from generation to generation, very strong. Environmental protection: because of its natural wood, formaldehyde-free, so there is no harm to the human body, which is a lot of families value solid wood flooring reasons. Natural wood itself does not contain formaldehyde, but many small manufacturers to paint the quality of paint used, but off, will cause excessive formaldehyde, so the credibility of manufacturers is very important. Feeling good: good laying solid wood flooring has good flexibility, people walking on top, whether it is temperature, touch, foot feeling, are very soft and comfortable. Dongnuanxialiang: As the wood thermal conductivity is small, so as a ground material it has a good thermostat effect, especially in the cold winter, in the indoor activities of the people will not freeze feet. Related links: prefab composite pergola norway backyard patio crack resistant materials interlocking rubber tiles outdoor pool