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Full Version: Raw material prices and other factors
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Affected by rising raw material prices and other factors, the home improvement market before the Spring Festival once rumors that the price of home improvement building materials is likely to increase in the postganglionic. However, the reporter visited the market recently found that the price of most of the building materials, "do anything", some manufacturers are also taking advantage of this year's first renovation season to discount promotions, quietly lower product prices. In many building materials supermarkets, including ceramics, sanitary ware, flooring, doors and windows and other building materials products, the current price changes compared with the pre-holiday is not large. The TOTO, nine animal husbandry, Wrigley, emperors, Oulu Sha and other bathroom brands, Marco Polo, Nobel, the new source, St. Paul, Asia and other ceramic brands, have different levels of discounts. Promotional staff, due to the current season is in the decoration, the majority of ceramics, sanitary ware manufacturers are focused on the introduction of new products, the price did not change significantly. At the same time, building materials supermarkets also vigorously promote sales. Jinsheng decorative city in the beginning of the month launched the fourth ceramic sanitary culture festival, in addition to the model between the scene of new products, boutique display and a variety of product specials, there are lottery, veterans signing will, no reserve auction and other activities. Related links: pvc fencing planks suppliers wall cladding and decks floor composite wood outdoor furniture china suppliers