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Full Version: Does Anyone have Some Tips in FIFA 17?
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I'm not very good at FIFA least not online. I can beat the AI pretty easily even on world class and above.

I've been working hard at getting better cause I'd like to play in the weekend league some time. I'm able to make it to the semis in the knockout tournament, but I always run into a game that feels like my opponent has 15 players on the pitch, or I lose in penalties.

I've been watching Youtube tutorial/tip vids a lot recently in order to learn and get better. I want to win more fifa 17 coins in WL. Also, I've been really working on what I feel my deficiencies are. For example, I would always find myself passing the ball to the wingers and sprinting up the pitch, which becomes very predictable, so I started playing formations without wingers. Another thing I noticed is I was often leaving gaps in my defense. To address that I've been trying to switch the defender I control rather than chase the guy with the ball.

I'm pretty sure there are a lot more players like us than the guys who go 36-4 in the weekend league. It's kind of like poker though - it's the people who win lots of money who get all the attention; we don't hear much about the guys who lose most of the time, but they're out there.

I'm great at trading and have a stacked club but I'm just rubbish at fifa. I know where my mistakes lie so I know what I need to improve, just keep my head in the game and don't rush my tackles. For me it's all about improving the defense because I never keep a clean sheet but always snag a goal. I'm also going to get better at skill moves this holiday, that's just something my gameplay lacks.