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Full Version: Cancel orders automatically with Magento Auto Cancel Order extension
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When customers add products to cart, complete checkout process and place orders successfully, but they don’t finish payment yet. The order in admin panel will be turned to pending status. However, if customers don’t want to buy anymore and decide to abandon the payments, the order will still be in pending status. Admin can realize these orders as spam orders, admin will have to cancel them manually one by one, which will be time-consuming and inefficient. Thus, Auto Cancel Order extension is created to automatically turn orders in pending status to cancel status after a certain amount of time.

Brief features
1. Automatically cancel order after a period of time set by admin
[Image: auto_cancel_order-_general_setting_up.png]
2. Apply auto cancel order for each payment method
[Image: auto_cancel_order-_cancellation_period_setting_up.png]
3. Cancel all pending orders by 1 click
4. Check history of all canceled orders
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