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Full Version: cork flooring
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However, with the continuous progress of science and technology, new inventions of the floor mushroomed, some new products and even difficult to classify by the original,privacy fence section 84 lumber composite flooring will also be faced with the threat of being exceeded or even eliminated. Nowadays the flooring market has launched a new product --- cork flooring.

Cork flooring is divided into pure cork flooring,cedar versus composite decking cork flooring and cork floor three kinds of mute, pattern and color have more choices, but also has a soft effect of cork. The installation method is also the same with the composite floor,how to clean composite decking material you can use the locking way to connect, very convenient.

According to the China Wood-based Panel Testing Center Director Lu Bin, cork flooring is the use of softwood technology to the traditional solid wood flooring and laminate flooring production and processing,plastic tile roof covering improved from a new type of floor.