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Full Version: heavy ant wood
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Analysis of this set of data, it is easy to see, laminate flooring and solid wood flooring growth rate is relatively fast, China's wood flooring industry is still the leading products.Composite Deck Tiles Canada This is also the current shortage of raw materials and rising environmental costs of low-carbon mainstream trends are inextricably linked.

Log sheet, either precious mahogany or common wood species,ideas for average walk out basement patio in 2010, there have been varying degrees of price increases. For example, heavy ant wood, from two years ago, 200 yuan / square meter rose to nearly 400 yuan / square meter.thermally modified wood decking pennsylvania suppliers Due to heavy ants supply tension is difficult to alleviate in the short term, there are flooring businesses that from Africa, Russia opened up new wood species to meet the needs of the market.

Another example is the common wood species of Factory price fire resistant hollow wood plastic composite WPC decking flowers at the beginning of the plate price of 12,000 yuan / cubic meters, to October has climbed to 15,000 yuan / cubic meter.