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Full Version: Old wooden floor renovation
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Not everything can be refurbished wood floor designs for outside deck square plastic tiles floor, only the thickness of the floor surface layer of 4 mm or more solid wood flooring, engineered flooring and bamboo composite picket fence flooring can be carried out renovation. Start by sanding will wear off 1-2 mm, the floor is too thin and easy to polish the intermediate layer, affecting the life of the recycled outdoor benches floor, it is best to sell before the renovation of the surface layer thickness provider to understand their own wood floor.

Ruoyi wood floor is damaged, moldy or deformed, the situation is more serious refurbishment generally difficult to remedy. Color parquet wood parquet on if it is impregnated with color but colored surface, or is the color of the wood cortex is thin, after polished parquet will undermine its effectiveness is not recommended refurbishment.

If it is laminate composite woodgrain decks flooring can not be refurbished, because the surface layer of aluminum oxide wear layer, the renovation will destroy its wear layer, increasing aging of the floor. To ensure the quality of the floor renovation, compare the best professional cleaning company renovation or home improvement company in charge of this project, able to do so, can ask the professional supervision of staff to supervise the construction.