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Full Version: Application Of Wood Plastic Board
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Wood plastic Flooring high-tech composite material is an environmentally friendly, waterproof, anti-corrosion, anti-slip characteristics, mainly used for outdoor Wood plastic flooring, landscape, Wood plastic decorative wall panels, gallery frame structure and other outdoor Wood plastic preservative Wood plastic decoration .
Wood plastic-plastic composite board is a major and made of Wood plastic (Wood plastic cellulose, plant cellulose) as a base material with a thermoplastic polymer materials (plastics) and processing aids, etc., and then mixed by die extrusion heating equipment high-tech green materials, both the performance and features of Wood plastic and plastic, new environmentally friendly high-tech materials can replace Wood plastic and plastic, abbreviated as WPC. WPC floor, wall ,fence , fence floor Wood plastic-plastic composite material is made of Wood plastic and have the same processing characteristics, using ordinary tools to sawing, drilling, on nails, very convenient, can be as ordinary use the same timber. At the same time water conserving features of Wood plastic and plastic with a texture of Wood plastic, making it an excellent and very durable outdoor water corrosion of building materials.
Physical properties: strength, hardness, slip resistance, abrasion resistance, no crack, no insects, small water absorption, anti-aging, corrosion-resistant, anti-static and UV, insulation, insulation, fire-retardant, high temperature resistant 75 �� and low
temperature of -40 ��.
Environmental performance: release of harmful substances Eco-Wood plastic, green Wood plastic, renewable, non-toxic substances, dangerous chemical ingredients, preservatives, formaldehyde, benzene, etc., will not cause air pollution and environmental pollution can be 100% recycled and re-processing, can also be biodegradable.
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