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Full Version: Landed Property in District 19
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Landed property in Singapore is a type residential developments that are of low-rise or low density. There are a few types of landed housing in Singapore like bungalows or detached houses, semi-detached houses and terrace houses. Some are also categorized by strata titles. An example of a cluster terrace is found at One Surin.
A detached house or a bungalow house is a free-standing dwelling unit within a plot of land. The Good Class Bungalows or the GCB will have a minimum plot size of 1,400 square meters while detached houses have a plot size of not less than 400 square meters.
A semi-detached house is a dwelling house that is partially attached on one side to any number of other units. If you are keen in viewing a semi-detached house, please visit Urban Villas for an example.
A terrace house is a house on a plot of land; which forms part of a row of at least 3 terrace houses. Each terrace house will be separated from the other by a wall like the ones in Rosyth Collection and the Charlton 18.

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