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Full Version: Floor Working Group Meeting
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Respect for knowledge and intellectual property is the consistent policy of the Chinese government. In order to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of flooring manufacturers, wooden bench replacement slats so that our flooring manufacturers from unnecessary economic losses, coordination of flooring manufacturers and foreign patent holders of intellectual property disputes, and create a favorable business environment,boat builder composit board promoting fair competition .

China forestry industry Association set up a special floor lock special working group of intellectual property, hired well-known intellectual property advisers, building deck benches backs legal advisers, technical advisers, domestic and foreign patent floor lock technology more comprehensive research and analysis of major enterprises the technology to track individual patent.

further analysis is still in progress. Floor lock for intellectual property disputes, China Forestry Industry Association first advocated industry self-regulatory action, picnic tables replacement boards and actively participate in fair competition in domestic and foreign markets, and drew flooring companies in strict accordance with relevant laws and regulations to act,