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Full Version: Timber Circulation floor
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China Timber Circulation Association flooring Circulation Professional Committee meeting was informed that in the future consumers buy wood floor box,tiling wood floors it will be possible to see the slightly smaller size of wooden flooring short board.

Place short board test industry regulations, vice president of China Timber Circulation Association Professional Committee of wooden floor circulation Gao Zhihua told this reporter, wood flooring business in the production process in order to obtain uniform length specifications Parquet,building wood flower boxes often not enough to give up the length of the forming lath ;vinyl deck railing Papua New Guinea floor coverings and flooring workers in the process, often will be based on the actual size of the space, the last part of the excess length of a whole floor of truncated, which will waste a double floor.

If the production process, cut less than the length of the plate Continuing made of wood, is placed in the box for the laying of the construction site to make use of the end of the short board, can reduce on-site saws manual labor, improve the quality of cross-section, custom composite shutters for front door and can effectively save wood.