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WPC material is environmentally friendly materials, widely than solid wood materials use, the key is WPC material is environmentally friendly, and more advantages than solid wood materials, wood siding that is appropriate to the bathroom wall, the answer is appropriate, because the wood siding with strong security, because it has high strength and water resistance, impact resistance, cracking and other characteristics. but also has a strong stability, such as waterproof, moisture, corrosion, anti-moth , weather resistance, aging resistance and insulation energy-saving, long-term use in large changes in weather patterns in the outdoor environment, not bad, not brittle, the performance is not bad.
Plastic panels, is a dedicated villas, shopping malls, office buildings and interior decoration house new environmental protection materials, the material effect of noise insulation, anti-weathering discoloration, moisture pest control, aesthetic solid wood, stronger than wood, not cracking deformation, formaldehyde-free non-radioactive elements, light weight, is the best interior decoration material. Indoor toilets with better wood, WPC PVC components. (Because WPC PE component bias outdoor use) WPC is a major feature, zero formaldehyde, which the interior is a very important advantage. As you said the fear of open plastic, I do not quite understand .. wood paint nor glue layer, how there will be a problem .. open plastic does not crack. In addition, I think there is an important reason for the recommendation, wood high fire resistance. (Water corrosion that you should know about it).
WPC interior partitions and decorative panels can be divided into two categories, now mostly used for decoration. The biggest advantage is that wood siding thermal insulation, based on the measured thermal conductivity of ordinary wood siding is 0.208w / (m ? k), the thermal conductivity of insulation panels dedicated only 0.032w / (m ? k), in the energy saving worthy of the big office. Over the past more wood trim foamed PVC resin as the base material, polyolefin materials are now entering for wallboard applications provide more choice.
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