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Full Version: Wpc decking good characteristics of people at first sight
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1, in the international scientific and technological innovation in the 21st century is considered a polymer Wpc decking will live healthy and comfortable, green, stylish, decoration and other rolled into one convenient, cut a striking figure on the subject of the decorative business and headed welcome to become interior decoration protagonist. Good wpc decking performance, moisture water, acid, tasteless, fungistatic, anti-static, decay, paint, consistent with human comfort. This kind of floor to polyvinyl chloride (PVC) as the main raw material, the fire and the smoke density reach the national B1 level standard, with superior flame resistance, increase the safety factor of human habitation. Particularly for geothermal heating floor is very good. Japan, South Korea, has been widely used in North America, the floor is absolutely zero formaldehyde, no benzene, home decoration is an excellent choice. wpc decking good characteristics so that many people of their "love at first sight." In addition, wpc decking material of uniform color, texture naturally, showing realistic wood flavor, may be embodied in the concept of a personalized decoration. Wpc decking is an alternative to solid wpc decking and laminate flooring best products, Japanese companies are highly recommended by a green floor. It has overcome the solid wpc decking and laminate flooring afraid of the water, defective formaldehyde and other harmful substances, fundamentally play a lot of conservation of forest timber, reduce pollution, protect the ecological balance of a good effect. It can be widely applied to living room, bathroom, conference rooms, sports stadiums, parks and other indoor and outdoor venues.
2, consumers of traditional solid wood decking easily deformed, easy maintenance, no proof, not waterproof, do not wear, fade, poor stability, both during the installation work and money wasted cumbersome procedures and laminate flooring contain formaldehyde, not waterproof shortcomings worry! Comply with environmental protection, health, new trends in energy, keep up with market demand, high-tech, bright spots in the new flooring, wpc decking material appeared. WPC floor "environmental protection, health," the concept of "quality and efficiency" as the goal developed in line with market demand, the new essentials of proprietary products - WPC floor. WPC flooring material is heated fused together by mixing wood fibers with plastic, which is different from the past and glued wood fiber from the high floor love. WPC decking waterproof, does not contain formaldehyde, a flooring industry's most thorough reform, the most radical progress.
WPC decking has nine Features:
1, the product durable, anti-aging, long life;
2, good stability, no cracking, no warping;
3, the appearance of natural wood products, natural beauty, comfortable setting rationale, no festival marks, no denim, no color;
4, nails, planing, paint, can be sticky;
5, professional waterproof, mildew, corrosion, pest control, anti-bacterial;
6, simple construction and easy to use, easy to shape, high toughness;
7, the product temperature of 60 degrees, low temperature resistance -30 degrees;
8, anti-static;
9, environmental health, food safety products have passed testing, manufacturing process does not use any glue, does not contain harmful substances as formaldehyde, benzene, cyanide, eliminating the decoration pollution.
Wood plastic composite floor also has a wood and plastic composite functional advantages of wpc decking material for hollow core construction reduces the weight of the floor, the noise, but also ventilation, floor moisture away in time, so that the ground remains dry state. WPC floor is not moldy and anti-aging, acid, insect repellent, non-toxic, tasteless, and other characteristics, appearance, and feel similar to natural wood, sawing, planing, drilling, strong grip nails. Wpc decking with a glossy surface of the floor, and the color difference is smaller than the solid wood flooring. Environmental, health, and difficult to deformation, plate quality and beautiful. Waterproof non-slip, wear-resistant and durable, suitable for any environment room, kitchen, toilets, schools, hospitals, stadiums, shopping centers, laboratories, and other bathing games, as consumers focus on indoor environmental pollution, Wpc decking will replace not waterproof, formaldehyde-containing laminate flooring maintenance is not easy to wear, easy to deformation, cumbersome installation of solid Wpc decking and become the new darling of home decoration materials.

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