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Full Version: wood plastic plastic floor covering
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Environmental warm wood plastic floor, is the first choice of modern timber, introduction wood plastic plastic floor spavement step
(1) expansion and contraction of wood plastic flooring and floor spacing will vary with temperature expansion and contraction, it is recommended at approximately the same temperature will mark the cutting board and storage of wood plastic floor coverings pitch should be considered when the temperature of the pavement, wood plastic plastic floor length wood plastic flooring expansion coefficient and the local temperature difference between day and night at different times of the wood plastic floor pavement ends its pitch may vary in length, therefore, recommended that the wood plastic floor a unit after all paved length at the same time, that is, at the same time cutting machine floor ends with a hand-held stone, so to maintain the same spacing when laying wood plastic flooring to be reserved the right pitch, drainage and ventilation to facilitate the expansion and contraction between the shop floor end when loading floor should pay attention to two side spacing is generally 3 ~ 8mm; reserve 1.5 3.0 mm expansion joint between the two end faces of the floor; the floor between the left end surface of the wall 5 mm expansion joint on the floor joints position you must be staggered
(2) pay attention to the quality and construction of the screw all the screws should be anti-rust treatment, or the use of screws made of special stainless steel screws addition, the use of WPC decking screws pre-drilled pilot hole diameter should preferably not greater than 0.8 times the diameter of the screw; recommendations when using an electric screwdriver, a screw screwed into place, repeatedly prohibited unscrew the screws screwed directly fixed solid core wood plastic floor flat, screw central location should be away from the edge of wood plastic board about 20 mm.

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