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Full Version: top wedding blogs
You're currently viewing a stripped down version of our content. View the full version with proper formatting. is a Blogs are at the forefront of changing wedding trends and the perceived ideal, but not every bride will marry in an oh-so-chic industrial space, flanked by nymph-like bridesmaids while wearing a bespoke headpiece. And who really has time to hand-carve 100 wooden lolly-sticks for place names? So is the pressure to be unique overshadowing what a wedding should be all about? ’There are so many ideas and such creativity that it can fuel a bit of insecurity and, if you let it, drive you to insanity,’ says Miriam Boote, 33, who successfully submitted her big day to two wedding blogs. ’I was worried I didn’t have enough stuff so I rushed out and bought a croquet set and a fancy dress kit.’ Treading the fine line between aspiration and attainability is something Williams says she is acutely aware of. wedding checklist ’My advice is to take blogs with a pinch of salt. Use them for ideas and to find suppliers, but try not to get too obsessed. ’It is one day in the rest of your life and how your wedding looked is not going to define your marriage.’ Heart