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Some business people may be confused on which media to choose for their product or services or brand advertisement. Here I have gathered some points on television advertisement advantages. Hopefully these points may so what helpful.

• Television is a commanding advertising medium. It can deliver powerful marketing messages even for lesser cost.

• In contrast, the Internet may have all the attention these days, but TV is still the advertising master. It is the innovative tool to reach U.S. Consumers. For smaller business, cost of TV ads can be expensive.

• TV ads allow you to showcase and tell the broader audience about your business product, or service. You can show them how your product works and how it is beneficial to them.

• You can add sound, image and movement to make your product more interesting so that it can grab the consumer’s attention.

• Radio advertisers can only plea to one of the senses of their listener’s i.e. Hearing. Television on the other hand can take benefit of both hearing and listening.

• The TV viewers get knowledge of consumption and enjoy the world of imagination on advertising.

• TV advertising can successfully capture the viewer’s entire attention. It’s the only medium that uses words, sounds and pictures.

• TV ads can reach the target audience quite easily. Repeating your ad at regular intervals holds greater importance.

• TV advertising is ideal when you need to demonstrate your business product or service. It offers great flexibility so that the viewer can get hooked to the ad.