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Full Version: The lastest news of iPhone 5S Internal parts
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It is believed that many peolple pay close attention to iPhone 5S. Here are the lastest news of iPhone 5S Internal parts:

With the current ipad weighing in at 652g how much weight will apple take off the ipad 5.I'll be happy if it weighed 400g.Despite what many think, the 2013 iPhone (infamously dubbed the iPhone 5S by the media and just about everyone else) will be a big upgrade to last year's iPhone 5. While the iPhone 5 brought a new design, change in display aspect ratio as well as screen resolution, the iPhone 5S will be more about changes on the inside rather than superficial ones.
Apple is planning a major overhaul to the internals of the iPhone 5S and by this we aren't referring to the processor, or RAM, or GPU. We are talking about changes such as a new vibrating motor assembly, or a new loud-speaker bracket and ear speaker bracket as well as a tweaked SIM card tray, all inside the (next) 7th generation Apple iPhone.

1.Vibrating motor assembly
BGR reports that although news about the new vibrating motor assembly was leaked earlier, this is the first time that the web has actually seen a high resolution image of the same.

2. Ear Speaker and Loud Speaker Brackets
The next iPhone will also pack redesigned ear speaker and loud speaker brackets.

3.Wi-Fi Flex cable ribbon

4. SIM Card trays
Also included is a newer, thinner SIM card tray for the iPhone 5S. Notice the two different colors which nicely lines up with previous reports suggesting that Apple's next iPhone will be offered in various flavors (colors) apart from the usual internal storage differences.
Apple is expected to unveil the next iPhone in next month's WWDC conference alongside the reveal and launch of a completely revamped iOS 7 operating system. Seems Apple is making some big changes to its mobile platform (both hardware and software). We say it's well about time!

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