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Full Version: How to make money by working from home in 2022?
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First of all, I would like to ask you a question.

Next day at 8 AM in the morning what will you be doing?

You may have to travel 45 minutes to get to the office in a fully crowded bus or train.

It is quite possible that you are rushing your children so that you have time to drop them at school before going to your office.

Or maybe, preparing a quick Tupperware so you don’t want to spend money on taking lunch at the noon.

While all this is happening and I am sure that some of these above-written phrases are repeated in your head:

  • “Why do I have office life when I want to work from home?”
  • “I’m fed up with my job, I’d love to quit and dedicate myself to my business or something else”
  • “My job does not give me career security; I need a plan B.”

Can you imagine how your quality of life would improve if you start working on the internet?

  • It would be a great moment for you to start making plans.
  • And in your proactive thinking, everything looks wonderful.
  • But as usual, when you bring it down to reality then you face multiple problems.

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