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Full Version: How to earn $1000 monthly from simple forex trading binary option platforms!100% real
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Are you a forex trader or non-forex trader, interested in forex trading currency pairs?if yes here are the best 3 free,legit & working forex trading platforms ever,without risks and investment

Free to join

100% legit & paying

Mininum payout: $90

Payment options: Bank transfer,bitcoin,paypal & more.....

Simple Instructions & Guidelines

Register with 3 wesites above and get free $25 to trade each. The good thing is that you don't trade urself , you give $1 each to best traders of each currency pairs to trade for you. After 24hrs your capital and profit is deposited in ur account. You can withdraw when ur money is $90, mininum profit per day is $6*30 days = $180. You can withdraw 180-25(capital) without investing any kobo.
Sign up with 3 links above and login then
1. Click on binary options
2. Click on start in front of first currency pair
3. Click on confirm next page
4. Click on confirm next page
5. Click on confirm ( order confirmation)
6. Next page sending confirmation wait until it is 100% done then click on confirm
7.Click on continue

Click start of next currency pair and repeat process all over for all the currency pairs for 3 websites.

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