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Full Version: Fruit Expo 2020 & World Fruit Industry Conference
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[b]Fruit Expo 2020 & World Fruit Industry Conference[/b]
[b]Date: August 24th-26th, 2020[/b]
[b]Venue: China Import & Export Fair Complex[/b]
[b] [/b]
[b]Co-located Trade Shows:[/b]
2020 Juice & Beverage World Expo
2020 Dried Fruit & Nut World Expo
2020 Fruit Processing [font=宋体]equipment[/font]& Packaging World Expo
[b] [/b]
[b]Why China?[/b]
As more and more imported fruits get access to Chinese market and import procedures are simplified, in 2018, China imported around 4.86 million tons of fruits, with a value of USD 6.95 billion, up by 25.91% and 36.48% year over year, respectively, according to China Customs data. Besides, it is very urgent for China to develop its modern cold chain logistics and Fruit Processing[font=宋体] [/font]Technology.
[font=宋体][b]Preview of Fruit Expo 2020[/font][/b]
Supported by China Fruit Marketing Association (CFMA), Guangzhou-located foreign embassies and consulates, it is expected that Fruit Expo 2020 is going to be staged on a show floor of 30,000 sq.m, hosting 500+ exhibitors and 30,000 visitors. Hosted in Guangzhou, one of the biggest fruit trade hubs in Southeast Asia, Fruit Expo 2020 will be able to put its hands on the best industry resources for its attendees to share!
The concurrent[b] [/b][b]World Fruit Industry Conference[/b][b] 2020[/b] will gather [font=宋体]C-suite leaders[/font][font=宋体] from brand enterprises at home and aboard [/font]to explore New Market Opportunities for worldwide fruits exporting to China, and quality Chinese fruits exporting to the World!
[font=宋体][b]Review of Fruit Expo 2019[/font][/b]
On a show floor of [font=宋体]12[/font],000m2, over [font=宋体]200[/font] exhibitors gathered for [font=宋体]the show, [/font]includ[font=宋体]ing[/font][font=宋体] [/font][font=宋体]Frutacloud, Topfruits, Auchan, Super Harvest, [/font][font=宋体]Chen[/font][font=宋体]s Sun[/font][font=宋体],, Gzbaier, Bus Box[font=宋体],[/font]Sin Frensh De, Luyuan a[/font][font=宋体]nd [/font][font=宋体]etc[/font].[font=宋体] [/font]47 international exhibitors from 1[font=宋体]5[/font] countries, including [font=宋体]Thailand, Chile, Vietnam, Ecuador, Malaysia, Peru, Mexico, Greece, India, Indonesia, Iran, Pakistan, Spain, France, o[/font][font=宋体]ccup[/font][font=宋体]ied[/font][font=宋体] [/font]30% [font=宋体]show[/font] [font=宋体]s[/font]pace[font=宋体],[/font][font=宋体] [/font][font=宋体]s[/font]howcasing 100+ types of products!
[b]Exhibit[/b][b]ion Scope:[/b]
∙ Fresh Fruit: fresh fruits, fresh cut, organic product, etc.
∙ Processed Fruit: frozen fruit products, dried fruits, fruit cans, fruit juice, fruit jam, preserved fruits, nuts, highly processed fruits, etc.
∙ Fruit Processing Equipment & Technology;
∙ Cold Chain & Logistics;
∙ Fruit Growing & Post-harvest Handling;
∙ Fresh Retail & Related Technology; etc.
[font=宋体]W[/font]elcome to [font=宋体]visit our website [/font][font=宋体][/font] for more update![font=宋体] [/font]
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[font=宋体][b]Organizing Committee[/font][/b]
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