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Start: 07/12/2017

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The Digithereum company has managed a co-operation of the best traders and strategically-wise financial analysts. By investing cryptocurrency into the Digithereum fund, our partners will be able to receive monthly profits of up to 300% per year. With our team, your funds will get much more value even if you are just a novice investor. Forget about scanty accumulative interest in banks. With the Digithereum company you will feel more free, because our partnership terms are as easy as pie.

Monthly bonuses from the stock exchange

60% of your investments are sent to the Digithereum cryptocurrency fund. Thanks to this fund, our experienced traders earn the bulk of your profits on the cryptocurrency exchanges. We track any resonances that may affect the fluctuation of cryptocurrencies: monitor, analyze, wait and act. Two-thirds of the money from this fund is fought for cryptocurrencies with a capitalization of over $ 1 billion. The rest works with promising altcoin. This strategy brings the company from 50% to 100% of the monthly profit.

To split a piece on "Unicorns"

30% of your investments are long-term, we identify the most promising ico startups with great potential and place your investments in them. The digithereum crowding fund is potentially ready to bring fantastic tens of thousands percent of returns that will confidently cover all possible losses of previous periods. Therefore, our scouts are constantly in search of "Unicorns" - high-tech ico startups, whose capitalization can potentially exceed $ 1 billion.

We are always ready for more

10% of your investments are reserved as a financial airbag. These funds are used only in cases of extreme necessity. For example, to respond competently to a sharp change in the market. The reserve fund is our common insurance, which is used rarely but extremely effective.

From 16% to 24% monthly

Referral Commission:
Multi-level income
Next level of income is based on the affiliate program, when for every successful transaction of yours or your partner you get an excellent commission percentage.

The percentage of accruals depends on the partner's level, which he receives from his structure revenue. There are 10 levels. When a partner invites 2 clients, who place $ 2,500 each, the structure revenue becomes $5,000; this makes you the 2nd-level partner and allows receiving 8% of the personal agents' transactions.
Moving to the next level

A partner can take no more than 50% of the revenue needed to move to a new level from each branch. For example: the required revenue for moving to the 4th level is $ 100,000. The partner has 2 active structures that have already reached the third level. One of these two branches makes $ 70,000 revenue, another one makes $ 30,000. The partner receives only $ 50,000 (50% of $ 100,000 - the necessary 4th level revenue) from the first branch and $ 30,000 from the second one. So, to reach the 4th level, he needs to either develop the third structure that will give the missing $ 20,000, either develop a weaker branch, or close the missing revenue with personal sales, but he can not get more revenue from the first structure, until moving to the next level.

Interest accrual terms
A partner receives commission charges as the difference between his percentage and the percentage of the agent who made a personal sale. That is, if the 2nd level partner invites a client who makes $ 10,000 deposit, he is credited with 8%, i.Е. 800 $, at the same time, higher structure distribution will look this way: a partner of the 4th level gets 11.5-8 = 3.5% of the transaction amount, that is $ 350, the 6th level partner gets 14-11.5 = 2, 5% = $ 250, at the 8th level a partner gets 15,5-14 = 1,5% = $ 150.
Additional remuneration
Having reached the 3d level, the leader starts receiving a monthly remuneration in addition to the commission charges for the affiliate program. It depends directly on the monthly revenue of the structure and is accrued according to the table.

Yes, the % of rewards becomes lower at each level, but we can conclude how much the sums grow, taking into account the increase of the structure revenue.

There are certain restrictions on the remuneration calculations: the partner does not receive reward from the branch, which provides revenue of 50 or more % than all the other branches together. For example, the partner is at the fourth level and he has 5 active branches in the first line. The 1st one has made $ 20,000 of revenue, and the remaining 4 branches - $ 4,200 each, which is $ 16,800 in total; it means that he receives 4.8% reward from $ 16,800. If the first branch had given $ 16,000 revenue, he would have been credited with 4.8% from $ 32,800.

So the better all the structure elements work, the higher your remuneration is.

Payment Processors:
Bitcoin, litecoin, dashcoin and ethereum

Minimum Deposit:

Minimum Withdrawal:

DDOS Protection
Custom script
Unique Design

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Internal Transfers

Dear partners!

We are pleased to present you an updated option of internal transfers, which has already been added to the functionality of the Electronic cabinet. From now on, you have an opportunity to freely perform transfers between the users of the system without commission at all!

It will open up new opportunities for the active participants of the affiliate program, allowing to promote balanced development of all branches in their structures.


Внутренние переводы

Дорогие Партнеры!

Мы рады представить вам обновленный вариант внутренних переводов, который уже добавлен в функциональность электронного шкафа. С этого момента у вас есть возможность свободно выполнять переводы между пользователями системы без комиссии вообще!

Он откроет новые возможности для активных участников партнерской программы, что позволит способствовать сбалансированному развитию всех отраслей в их структурах.
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