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Full Version: New Updates for Hide Price Call For Price Extension for Magento 2
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Doing online business isn’t simple thing and we all understand that there are compulsory circumstances that we have to hide product price. For example, your site sells exclusive products or services that targeting private sales, you can’t public the price. If the price of some products still need to be changed frequently, it will be very difficult for you to set a fixed price for them.

Hide Price Call For Price Extension for Magento 2 allows you to hide price and let your customers send price request through a form. This way you can still maintain the availability of the products on site and easily conduct private sale for specific customer groups.
[Image: hide_price_call_for_price_call_for_price_button.png]
Brief features of the extension:
1. Hide price and Add To Cart button for not-logged-in users (or any customer group as wish)
2. Hide price and replace it with a customized message
3. Display Call For Price form for customer to send price request
4. Hide price for specific products, categories or all product site-wide for each customer group

In case, you missed this news, we developed a standard and easy version of Hide Price Call For Price extension:
Hide Price for Magento 2 only focuses on function of hiding product price. We decided to leave out the call for price function and add some upgrades to the hide price function, for example: replace Add to Cart button with a custom URL or disable price and Add to Cart button separately. 
[Image: hide_price_for_magento_2_show_price_and_...tton_1.png]