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Full Version: wood flooring industry behind the technology
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the promotion will largely alleviate the grim situation of China's forest resources. Relieving the shortage of forest resources, lifting the wood flooring industry, "cutting grain" crisis According to the China Forest Products Industry Association Secretary-General Lvbin introduction, China's timber market supply and demand gap is large,inexpensive playground flooring idea
wood flooring industry demand for wood accounted for a large proportion. With the wood flooring market demand continues to expand, the demand for timber is also growing year on year, if you do not want to save the forest resources, wood flooring industry sooner or later to face "broken grain" crisis.wpc outdoor decking discount
It is understood that, although the wood floor is a large consumption of forest, but the cause of the shortage of forest resources is the fundamental problem is the entire wood flooring industry behind the technology, can not solve the floor patchwork at the wear and tear, and other issues, resulting in wood floor life "shortening ",synthetic interlocking decking board