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Full Version: bamboo products processing enterprises sales
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year is Yixing City, the purchase price for the third consecutive year of substantial increase. In 2003, their family to sell a bear bamboo to earn 20 yuan. 2004, up to 24 yuan. Last year than in 2004 rose 3 yuan / Tam. Pharaoh did not expect how this year than last year rose 7 yuan / Tam.Buy Online WPC Flooring It is understood that Yixing City, the existing bamboo 18 million mu, with an annual output of about 300 million bamboo, the annual output of 75 million or so. Only one bamboo, the city farmers can achieve an increase of more than 500 million. Yixing City Agriculture and Forestry Bureau of the head of the forestry station, the city's bamboo processing
enterprises to flourish directly led to the bamboo prices, farmers income. Bamboo has a "once afforestation, sustainable use" features, cutting a number of bamboo,Faux Teak Boat Decking the second year will grow out. In the situation of increasing forest resources protection, "the future of bamboo" is more and more promising. Yixing City, bamboo industry as a characteristic industry to focus on support and cultivate, to speed up the industrialization of bamboo. At present, the city has more than 120 bamboo processing enterprises, on the scale of 45, with an annual output of 2 million square meters of bamboo flooring, bamboo curtains more than 400 million square
meters, bamboo template 500,000 square meters. On the processing of bamboo more than 30 million Tam. Local production of bamboo only enough for more than two months, many companies have to from Zhejiang, Fujian, Anhui and other places to order bamboo. Local bamboo will naturally become a "Qiao goods",WPC (Wood Plastic Composite) Flooring Advantages the price is "rising." At the same time, the development of bamboo processing enterprises for the local rural surplus labor transfer has provided more than 6,000 jobs. It is understood that Yixing City bamboo products processing enterprises sales outlets have been all over the country, bamboo products are also exported to the United
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