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Full Version: The price of stainless steel prices
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The price of stainless steel pricesRecent support for the majority of stainless steel prices to support the reasons for price reduction is only a note, short-term benefit from the impact of the transaction base, the price firm on the road, the market stable on the way.304 stainless steel sheet&coilFerrochromium prices bullish, high-carbon ferrochrome from 6300 yuan / 50 basis tons rose to the mainstream price of 7400 yuan / 50 basis tons or more, up 1,100 yuan / 50 basis tons, the recent rush to the 8000 mark.scrap steel exports,scrap steel pricesNickel prices higher and stable, and to maintain the possibility of rising, the current Lun nickel linked to 9,100 US dollars in the top, recently up to 9230, recently if not below the 9000, the shock consolidation may continue to exist.large diameter seamless mechanical stainless tubingScrap prices rose, large steel mills out of the name of the acquisition of scrap, resulting in scrap prices rose hundreds of tons per ton, such as a steel plant in southern China named acquisition of more than 20,000 tons of waste, the formation of favorable support for waste prices, The entire production line, electric furnace to absorb waste production costs are higher, the current 201 waste tax price of more than 3,000 yuan per ton, 201 steel does not contain tax within 7,000 yuan, 3,000 yuan / ton or so the cost of steel is more reasonable, no Excessive pull down the price of 201 stripes exist.304 stainless steel round bar plenty in stock