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Full Version: flooring companies in the international
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that the installation of warm in recent years, the emergence of new technology, if the installation of unscientific, but will cause the use of trouble. Because of the different characteristics of the floor, the adaptability to the ground is not the same, such as solid wood flooring deformation rate, generally do not use for warm floor;wood slat wall siding for patio diy
multi-layer parquet deformation rate is small, but its thin surface, easy to affect the service life. At present, strengthening the floor has been the main force to warm the floor, consumers in the purchase to master the relevant knowledge. Floor manufacturers should also be prompted on the floor box.The impact of the United States 337 floor survey:cheap wpc floor
the domestic market is not warm, although the warm winter, the Chinese flooring companies in the international market is experiencing the winter cold and cold. The United States International Trade Commission (ITC) "337 investigation" from the preliminary ruling to the final cut of the dramatic change, so many Chinese floor enterprises were 4 x 8 square privacy lattice fence panels