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Full Version: wood floor wear-resisting
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Low woodiness floor for furniture, potted plants, chair, such as moving around, easy to cause white scratches or indentation, home of the instant coffee can come in handy at this moment, brewing with hot water out of a small cup of coffee, the higher the concentration, the deeper the color, the better, and then dipped his brush or crayons to take, daub is on wooden floor scratches, you can hide away.
Of aggrandizement wood floor product quality supervision, inspection and quarantine recently country selectives examination, jiangxi, fujian, anhui, and other 11 provinces, municipalities directly under the central government of 82 kinds of products are random. 
Published 22 selective examination to make clear as a result, product sampling percent of pass is 84.1%, Shanghai Linda wood "Linda bell" and so on six kinds of products have been listed in the "blacklist". 
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