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Full Version: Association area procurement
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The two North American authorities are one of the most authoritative associations in the North American timber industry. The area is centered on the Appalachian Mountains, with as many as 344 counties, with more than 200 members , Aimed at promoting the United States, including Pennsylvania red oak, the United States pecan, American cherry, the United States Parker and other Appalachian mountains produced high-quality species.The Basic of Building Your Fence Jusheng floor over the years from the Appalachian Hardwood Association area procurement of a large number of high-quality hardwood, and the Appalachian Hardwood Association in the Chinese flooring industry, the only member of this identity was invited to participate in the National Hardwood Association 2011 annual meeting The The annual meeting of the National Association of Hardwood Sheets is held annually.
The purpose of the conference is to promote the protection and rational use of forest resources and to promote the healthy and sustainable development of North American materials on a global scale. This year the General Assembly to "green, sustainable development" as the theme, the participants of the industry and experts and scholars more than 1,000 people, large-scale. In recent years, the world's increasing protection of forest resources, resulting in rampant wood smuggling,Wood Plastic Benches Supplier & Dealers Russia recently intercepted more than 1 billion US dollars of smuggled timber, timber resources, the importance of great attention The Jusheng floor to participate in this conference and get a certificate of honor, marking the long-sheng floor of the legitimacy of raw materials and sustainable development has been fully affirmed,
but also long Sheng floor green concept into the business strategy of the best embodiment. Mr. Qian Xinmin, executive vice president of the long-sheng flooring, also visited the suppliers who had cooperated with Jusheng Floors for many years in the United States to visit the production bases, factories and timber warehouses. At the same time, also inspected the long-sheng floor in New York Manhattan project. Recently, by the National Board of Standards Standardization Technical Committee centralized management of the "flame retardant plywood" and other four standards for the evaluation of wood-based panel will be held in Beijing. Jusheng floor as a "flame retardant plywood" and "flame retardant medium density fiberboard,"
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