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Full Version: floor board product
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the balance and stability of the product is wonderful, the deformation coefficient is only 1/8 of the real wood floor, fully and effectively solves the long plagued the industry and consumers floor size is not stable, easy to deformation. 2 it is beautiful and comfortable - solid mu fu joins a floor board core layer and the underlying layer of cork layer, enhance the flexibility of the floor, has the very good foot feeling, natural wood texture, and decorative.
The sustainable development of the three is --, starting from the ecological security, all countries in the world are cutting wood cutting volume, timber resources increasingly scarce goods, this requests us to be more scientific and effectively make good use of limited forest resources.
Three layers solid mu fu joins a floor board surface for precious wood decorative well, only 1/5 of the total volume using or lower, core, back to soft needle fast-growing wood. The realization of scientific, reasonable and comprehensive utilization of forest resources, sustainable development is very important.
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