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Full Version: #ICQ: 678924920 => Sell cvv/cc/transfer WU/Gifts Card/Paypal/Dump Track 1 or 2
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--------- Hello Everyone --------- 

Note: I have make eGift Card

I'm Having experience in information technology >5 years 

I'm looking for good buyer to work together for long

Motto of work : Prestigious is top - Customer is God

I'm sure you will happy if work with me 

**Here are my Contact + Business:

=Yahoo Messenger: jack678924920

=Skype : jocvv

=ICQ: 678924920 (Hieu Jack)

=Gmail : jack678924920 @ gmail . com 

Phone number only for Regular buyer

---------------- My work is online 24/24 ----------------

-Sell Fresh Good Credit Card (CC,CCV,CVV)

(Full Name/ CVV / EXP/ CVV2/ Address/ City/ State/ Zipcode/ Country/ Phone/ Email)

.Check Bin / Pass Vbv / Non Vbv / Dob

-Sell USA Full Information 
(Full Name/ Dob/ Ssn/ DL/ Address/ City/ State/ Zipcode/ Country/ Phone/ Email)

-Sell CCV Track 1/2 (With / Without Pin ) 

-Sell Paypal Account(Email+password+Information) / Verified / Unverified

-Sell Mail+Password hack

-Booking Hotel / Air Ticket

-Registration account online (with Payment to register)


MG(Money Gram)<->WMZ(Web Money)<->PM(Perfect Money)<->BTC(Bitcoin)<->WU(Western Union)

******************** Business rule ********************

Please read carefuly my rule before contact me because i really hate Spammer,Ripper & Scammer 

1. Business with me , first is TRUST me ,If not trust don't contact to not waste our time

2. No test, No Minimum order.

3. I always check and update new fresh cc every day 

4. Guarantee 24 hours. Not happy = change

5. If you buy over 50cc, I will discount for you 

6. Accept payment same as part EXCHANGER at top

~~~~~~Thank you for read my post.....hope to see you soon ~~~~~~