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Full Version: Traditional classical series of flooring
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Neo-classical series of flooring will be organic criss-cross the substrate, the use of a unique anti-crack reinforcement network patented technology, the stability of the floor even more remarkable, using the traditional locking technology, pavement easy. Nature of multi-layer solid wood Neo-classical series of floor heart common point is that the visual sense of the shock and tactile feel on the alternative. Convex surface, it seems more than not chisel broken chaos; vintage retro colors, hazy autumn, Smart Brilliance. Foot feeling warm and comfortable, barefoot standing, eyes closed breathing, the foot will be able to feel the delicate pulse of the pulse between the plate surface beating. As the only solid wood flooring in China to participate in the development of national standards of the participating units, the flooring industry the first batch of Chinese brand-name products, one of China's most brand value of the top 500 Guangdong Yingbin Nature Wood Co., Ltd., after 2 years of concentrated research and development of large Natural multi-layer wood ยท Neo-classical flooring, is the essence of traditional technology in the process of inheriting the same time, through complex process of fine carved small Lou made. Visual effects unique, vigorous wild, natural simplicity; foot feel comfortable, good environmental protection. And greatly limit the solid wood flooring easy to deformation, color and other deficiencies, at the same time, turn the natural characteristics of solid wood flooring and laminate flooring stability in one set, high-end quality to promote a strong brand, a strong brand achievements elegant taste. Related links: deck grill mat malaysia solar reflectance index wood deck courtyard low price fence Greece