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Full Version: Works are used in building sheet
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The past two years, Changsha City, the decoration of the building materials market is hot anomaly, a variety of brand plate dazzling array of everything. Reporters can be found unannounced visits, first-class products are almost all large-scale products, the industry is called "tooling board", people indignation! Recently, Hunan Radio Economic Channel "consumer complaints" program received a complaint in Changsha, Mr. Liao, said its purchase of Vientiane E1 grade first-class large plate, saw it turned out to be filled with mortar and sawdust sticking up , Is simply unbelievable! In this case, Moreover, Mr. Liao told reporters, Vientiane himself admitted that the E1 grade first-class large board there is indeed a quality problem, but because the seller shirking each other and the amount of compensation there is a difference, only to drag the dispute. As a large-scale renovation of the board, but also Vientiane such a big brand, which used to fill the mud, which is not true? Reporters posing as a unit to purchase large-scale board of customers, came to Changsha, Changsha Vientiane building materials market in Hunan Vientiane facade unannounced visits, think of the waiter bluntly told reporters that they sell E1 class first-class large plate will have some marl Class filler, the original, E1 class first-class products in the building materials industry, there is an alias, called "engineering board", more than 80% of the project is to use this sheet. Related links: wood plastic railing used for garden gray composite garden fences in norway composite material in nj