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Full Version: Personal Thoughts on FUT 17
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So I've been playing FIFA for years but have only recently discovered the perks of FUT. I'm not that good tbh, I've sort of reached a plateau after rising to Div 6 pretty quickly. Anyway, I've been playing for about a week now and these are my thoughts.

1) The difference between a PL squad build and a La Liga squad build is night and day. I struggled for 5-6 days with a La Liga squad that was rated at 85 and had a 5 star rating. Sold everyone and built a PL team with an 81 rating and all of a sudden games on Div 6 are more competitive. My passes are coming, the pace is much better and I'm actually scoring more times than not. Has anyone else found this?

2) The pace stats are completely screwed. I had fresh Martial on a one on one with a tired Mertesacker and Mertesacker not only kept up with him but overtook him to make a good tackle. What the actual?

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3) I either have the worst luck or packs are just shit. The best player I've found in a pack by a long shot is Ramsey. Nearly every pack I've opened has been terrible.

4) The players who have mastered the "skills" in FIFA 17 are the hardest to play. I'm not the greatest at defending anyway but these guys usually have about double the shots I do.

5) Jack Butland is way, way overpowered. Not complaining as I have on my team but fuck me he is insane.

6) Scripting is fairly obvious. Some games I play awesome (for my level) and others there is nothing I can get right. Admittedly this might just be that I'm inconsistent but some games I'm convinced I'm destined to win or lose.

Thanks for reading.