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Full Version: Eco-friendly wood-based panels
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To paper, for example, now make 1 ton of pulp to use 5 tons of logs, which is equivalent to 4 tons of which said that as waste water, waste is discharged. Production of 1 ton of wood-based panel to consume 1.7 tons of logs, there are 0.7 tons of wood as a "three wastes" discharge. In order to solve this crisis, people on the one hand to promote the use of steel instead of wood, plastic and wood, but at the same time a large number of non-renewable consumption of oil and iron ore resources. This has or will lead to a raw material crisis after another. But also exacerbate the Earth's atmospheric CO2 content, climate warming. On the other hand, the trees are running out, people use a composite approach to small pieces of material glued together to use. For this reason, a large amount of compound must be used. China's annual production of 40 million tons of wood-based panel, a year with 4 million tons of rubber, of which more than 90% of urea-formaldehyde glue, which is the main source of formaldehyde pollution in the air. Now people are caught in the city to "indoor air pollution" as the third symbol of pollution, and the more high-end indoor decoration more serious pollution. Large enterprises compliance materials also release formaldehyde, and the more together the sum of the exceeded. Related links: teak boat decking plastic wood composite flower boxes bench plastic floor panels for sale