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Full Version: floor of the elephant
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In the early days, the company even used to make quality and reliable German manufacturers to do their own OEM, his brand strategy is to focus on the bold, and thus completed the first step in the accumulation of brand value, quickly become the industry leader in the composite farm fence prices flooring.
In the brand status to consolidate, the elephant began to invest in Asia to build the largest wood flooring manufacturing plant in Asia, and then successfully listed in Singapore. Shengxiang to brand-driven products and production business model to become the success of domestic enterprises, "fortune" of the classic case. But the industry combined to eliminate the past two years, "five bad board" process also makes other excellent brands have more opportunities to show strength, matched opponents rapid rise, which to the giant as the freedom select white dog ear vinyl fencing floor of the elephant has increased a lot of pressure.
Some analysts predict that, as the market gradually standardized and mature consumer psychology, the clear acrylic fencing panels flooring industry will gradually reduce the phenomenon of cohabitation, replaced by the first group of the market is relatively monopoly, a small number of strong brands to divide the vast majority of the market.