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Full Version: development of floor brand
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Beijing Forestry University postdoctoral workstation" was established Moderator: Leaders are welcome to attend today's Shanghai Huajing floor Limited, Beijing Forestry University postdoctoral opening ceremony,affordable prices for wood fence the following Please Shanghai Huajing flooring Co., Ltd. chairman Xie Ming speech.

[Xie Ming]: Dear leaders, distinguished guests. Chun card in this big day, on behalf of Shanghai Chun licensing Wood Co., Ltd. Shanghai Huajing floor we come to a warm welcome! decking for integrated housing For leaders at all levels has been the support and concern the development of brand Chun express my sincere thanks!

Through the establishment of post-doctoral workstations, under Beilin big support at all levels of leaders and experts, Chun licensing floor elevate to a new level in technological innovation, science and technology plant will, I believe Chun brand will be better tomorrow. Shanghai Huajing Flooring Co., Ltd. composite borders for garden Chairman Xie Ming Moderator: Leaders of the agenda of our meeting to continue. Here are your Chinese Wood Association executive vice president, Chinese flooring industry to broaden, and also the floor of our Chinese origin Gao Zhihua creator gave us a classic statement.