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Full Version: solid wood flooring
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Recently, surnamed Liu, Mr. Panzhihua calls reflected recently prepared new home decoration, he was visiting the local market only to find solid wood cheap china wholesale plastic deck flooring, solid wood flooring red sandalwood, rosewood, ebony and other named species is widespread. Moreover, some flooring business chaotic marked "superior product", the words "first-class goods".
And the more the more small brands dare labeled "superior product", "first-class products." Because he himself is the forestry college graduate, it can be considered the industry, but could not decide what kind of solid wood flooring in the end the election. Reporter conducted a survey and found that Chengdu wood flooring market also exists the problem. A strange disease: Species Luantie Western name Subsequently, the reporter on the matter a telephone interview with well-known domestic composite retaining wall of solid wood flooring expert Professor Gao Zhihua. According to Professor Kao said, a troubled species name Luantie solid wood flooring market is currently a major problem. Look at this question, we must understand the history of solid wood flooring. If it is true ebony several hundred thousand dollars per ton, both from an economic point of view or a technical point of view, are not suitable for ebony floor Moreover, "ebony" Floor name itself is misleading.
According to statistics, Chinese imports of the common market, the name of 128 kinds of wood floors, misleading name or names of up to 85 species, misleading names, fanciful trees accounted for 98%. In normative species name, abundance of nature, Chint, Tianfu wood composite fencing for garden flooring and other brands to do relatively well. Strange disease II: small brands posing as "superior product" Professor Gao Zhihua believes not only in Chengdu, Sichuan in the many regional distributors in general to play there on the floor, the words "First Class" "superior product.