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Full Version: Laminate flooring Features
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Laminate flooring generally is a composite material made by the four, namely wear layer, decorative layer, substrate layer and bottom layer. That is the bottom layer of moisture, generally use polyester material, moisture barrier and moisture from the ground, to protect the 12 foot tongue and groove porch flooring floor from the wet ground impact and play a balancing role in the layers above.
The main part of the base layer is to strengthen the composite wood lightweight outdoor wood plastic composite tile flooring, laminate flooring and are based on the majority of MDF as a substrate, as MDF has many original timber do not have the advantages, such as MDF uniform fine structure, the average particle size distribution, etc. . MDF main weight of its density value difference. Tread layer is a decorative layer, on top of the base layer. This layer is to use a specially processed paper as the raw material. Because after heating the reaction solution Melamine, chemically stable, has become a beautiful and durable surface layer of paper. Wear-resistant layer on the surface of the composite wood designs railing for gardens floor is to strengthen the uniform suppression layer of anti-wear agent, it has amazing wear. Wear coefficient and the abrasion resistance is not fully proportional. Wear coefficient is mainly composed of aluminum oxide density determined trioxide floor surface distribution of aluminum too close, the floor will be brittle, so that flexibility weakened, not only affects the life of the floor, the floor surface also affect the transparency and Gloss.
General household laminate flooring wear coefficient at 6,000 rpm or more is sufficient. Experts suggested that the choice of laminate flooring from the selection Bump slot begins. Laminate bamboo composite floor of dishware flooring from engaging manner into two flat and tongue and groove. Currently, the amount of tongue and groove products on the market more. Both sides of the tongue and groove floor and were grinding into male and female, concave groove wedge when installing the floor, not only easy to install, but also to prevent deformation of the floor.