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hotel booking system

Magebay is a powerful booking solution old by thousands of businesses mập better control their reservations, payments and increase sales.

a simple Solution bự Complex Problems (Really)
Magebay makes it simple to administer bookings with customers in a unified tool set, while seamlessly integrating into popular services that empower your commerce.
[center][Image: backend2.png][/center][center]with Customers[/center]
Self Service Bookings : Allow customers béo view availability and book directly from your own site.

instant Payment Processing : Accept payments in full, or segment as of booking and over 30 Vary payment providers.

Automate Billing & Invoices : Instantly send customers customizable receipts and booking invoices.

bonus Certificates & Vouchers : Sell bonus certificates with import vouchers.

Point of Sale : Accept phone and walk-in bookings. Process and swipe credit card payments.

Always trực tuyến : Never lose the booking due bự missing emails or missed phone calls.
[center]béo administer your[/center]
Real-time Dashboard : all of your data where with at the time you need it.

Customer Accounts : Allow customers to review booking history, shop auto-fill details with optionally adjust future bookings.

Custom form Builder : Customize information collected as about booking.

manage Availability : Set min/max thresholds with intelligently allocate shared resources thus that you’re always prepared for your guests.

Advanced Rule hệ thống : Enforce booking rules based on your requirements.

Secure Access Levels : Only provide access béo areas about one hệ thống that your staff require.

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