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Full Version: Plastic sports flooring and Use Caution:
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Plastic sports flooring flooring is a new type of lightweight floor decoration materials, also known as the "light of flooring." It is made of PVC material PVC flooring, is non-toxic and environmentally friendly renewable resource. Waterproof, fireproof, non-slip, super wear-resistant, anti-extrusion, easy to clean, long life and other advantages, environmentally friendly, zero formaldehyde. Practical, cost-effective best price is affordable, long life. Flowers, all varieties, suitable for all occasions.
Plastic role not only add friction to the plastic deformation at your feet slightly force the moment, but on the knee has some cushion, but the wooden floors do not have this effect. And use in many hospitals plastic floor home office, you can prevent the ground slippery and fall injuries. To give you a more secure space!
�� forbidden to wear shoes, sports venues on the floor easy to swap high-heeled shoes or sneakers colors.
�� non-cutting extrusion, surface friction should not be with hard objects, so as not to damage or broken.
�� Do not use acid, alkali and other corrosive chemicals on the floor and away from sources of ignition, high temperature, in order to avoid deformation of the floor.
I was at a fight arena, to better weather and wet friction, drying time to die, wiped clean, just a few moments to die, perhaps with a damp sticky soles can play, but due to the instability of friction will seriously affect the technology play, radical action is more likely to cause other than stable inferior plastic friction come.

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